Postgraduate Trainee Program

MRI UBC Radiology

Spanning two or four weeks, the program enables postgraduate trainees to learn through direct observation of procedures and tasks performed by radiologists and healthcare staff in our hospitals.


If you are a current medical resident, you may be eligible to to be a Postgraduate Trainee.
Review eligibility requirements 


There is a $2,000 CDN elective fee in our department. Note that there may be additional fees when applying with UBC PGME and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC.


If you would like to inquire about the possibility of an observership in our department, please email Harley Jiang with the type of radiology experience you are looking for and your desired dates.

Postgraduate Electives

If you are interested in obtaining a Postgraduate Elective please email Harley Jiang.

Please note:  In order to allow time for the processing of paper work, all candidates must apply at least 3 months before the desired start date.  UBC candidates should apply 6 weeks prior to the desired start date.

Visiting Residents please see the UBC PostGraduate Medical Education website for more details.