The Department of Radiology provides advanced training, excellent clinical exposure and supervised experience in all aspects of radiology.


Undergrad Program

As part of the MD undergraduate program, the Department of Radiology builds upon students’ knowledge of gross anatomy in order to enhance understanding of radiologic imaging, particularly radiographs and cross sectional imaging; helps students correlate anatomical structures encountered in the gross anatomy lab with their radiographic appearance; and helps students develop an appreciation for how the 3-D body is represented on a 2-D plain film image.  Visit the Undergrad Program website to find resources for throughout their training.


Residency Program

istockphoto_10988590-x-ray-examination (1)The Department of Radiology provides two residency specialties:  The Radiology Residency Program offers residents training in the sub-specialties of radiology including nuclear medicine. Upon completion of the program, the resident will be prepared for clinical, academic or leadership roles in diagnostic radiology and be able to demonstrate consultant abilities in the management of patient care.  The Nuclear Medicine Residency Program offers residents with training in core, paediatric and community nuclear medicine, technical procedures and basic sciences including physics, radiopharmacy and radiation biology and protection. Find out more…



Fellowship Programs


UBC fellowships provide advanced training, excellent clinical exposure and supervised experience in all aspects of radiology. Fellows are encouraged to participate in basic science and clinical research projects. Protected academic time is provided. The Department of Radiology offers fellowship positions in many sub-specialties. See the list of positions offered…





Undergraduate Electives with the Department of Radiology are offered in a two or four week duration, during which the individual will be matched with a Preceptor as well as rotate through a variety of radiology departments. All Postgraduate Electives with UBC are self directed in that it is your responsibility to obtain your own preceptor. Read more…




Continuing Medical Education

The Faculty’s Continuing Professional Development unit is fully accredited by the Committee on Accreditation of Continuing Medical Education to provide study credits for continuing medical education for physicians.  Learn more about our current schedule…