Our programs offer comprehensive radiology training across all subspecialties, providing extensive clinical exposure and supervised guidance. Our department’s approach aims to ensure that graduates emerge as highly skilled and well-rounded radiologists, equipped to deliver exceptional patient care and contribute to the advancement of the field through research and innovation.

MRI scan

Undergraduate Program

As part of the MD undergraduate program, this program builds upon students’ knowledge of gross anatomy to enhance understanding of radiologic imaging; helps students correlate anatomical structures encountered in the gross anatomy lab with their radiographic appearance; and assists students to develop an appreciation for how the 3-D body is represented on a 2-D plain film image.  

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Undergraduate Electives

Our renowned elective program within the Department of Radiology is offered in two or four week blocks.

Preceptors are assigned by the Undergraduate Office in the department and specialty electives are not offered.

Electives are composed of case reports and self study, rotating through a variety of modalities and time with a preceptor.

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RADS 301

RADS 301: Exploring Imaging in the 21st Century

An interdisciplinary course designed to provide students from all backgrounds with a comprehensive understanding of the fascinating world of imaging. From scientific and technological foundations to its profound societal impacts, the course offers a broad exploration of imaging evolution and significance with a glance to ultrasound imaging, and live cinematic rendering sessions.

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