Neuroradiology Residency Program

Dr. Farahna Sabiq

The program provides an in-depth and dynamic training environment tailored for radiologists aiming to specialize in diagnostic modalities encompassing plain radiography, CT, and MR.

Our program covers all facets of neuroradiology, including imaging of the brain, head and neck, and spine; spine interventions; and non-invasive vascular imaging. We offer a 2-year program for residents (accredited by the RCPSC) and 1- or 2-year programs for clinical fellows. Eligibility requirements for the residency program include: RCPSC certification in Diagnostic Radiology or eligibility for the RCPSC examination in Diagnostic Radiology or registration in a RCPSC accredited residency program in Diagnostic Radiology. Our commitment is to equip residents with the requisite knowledge, skills, and clinical exposure essential for achieving excellence in neuroradiology.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our curriculum encompasses a broad spectrum of essential topics for diagnostic neuroradiology practice with rotations in interventional neuroradiology, pediatric neuroradiology, and oncologic head and neck imaging. Residents will acquire hands-on experience in interpreting diverse neuroimaging studies and will be exposed to current and developing techniques such as dual energy CT, CT and MR perfusion imaging, MR spectroscopy, diffusion tensor imaging, and functional MRI. Through supervised rotations in neuroradiology, on-call responsibilities and interdisciplinary rounds, residents will cultivate expertise in diagnosing and managing neurological conditions.

Research Opportunities

We actively encourage residents to participate in scholarly pursuits and research endeavors to propel the field of neuroradiology forward. Dedicated research and academic time is allocated to facilitate the pursuit of academic projects during the residency, alongside mentorship from seasoned faculty members. Residents will be expected to complete at least one academic project during their residency. Our program provides support for residents to showcase their research findings at national and international conferences.

A Rewarding Journey

The program places a strong emphasis on professionalism, ethics, and patient-centered care, equipping residents to emerge as leaders in the field of neuroradiology and contribute positively to healthcare delivery. We welcome you to become part of our Neuroradiology Program, where you’ll embark on a fulfilling journey of learning, personal growth, and professional development. Whether you are a current radiology resident, a recent graduate or an experienced radiologist aiming to specialize in neuroradiology, our program offers the resources and opportunities necessary for you to realize your aspirations and thrive in this dynamic field.


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