Step by Step Application Guide

The following step-by-step guide will assist you with the online application. Please refer to the FAQ section if you require further information.

Important Note:

Please submit your documents ONLY in PDF format.

What year are you applying?


  • The application process starts almost two years in advance (i.e., the application process for the July 2020- June 2021 academic year begins in 2018). If you are available earlier, enter your availability (including month and year) in the “Comment” section at the end of the application, and we will contact you if a position becomes available.
  • Visit each subspecialty’s page to see the application deadline.
  • Applications that are submitted after the deadline will not be reviewed.
  • Applicants must file a new application for each academic year.

First sub-specialty Choice:

Second Sub-specialty Choice:

Enter your first and second fellowship choices in these fields.


  • Make sure to read each subspecialty’s web page before filling out the application to make sure you are eligible to apply.
  • Applicants are allowed to choose a maximum of 2 sub-specialties. If you apply for more than two sub-specialties, all of your applications will be deleted.
  • Your first choice will be considered as your first priority. The programs give priority to the applicants who have selected the program as their first choice.
  • Due to the specific nature of Interventional Radiology, it is important to indicate your interest as your first and only choice for this sub-specialty. Applicants who have applied for another sub-specialty alongside IR will not be considered for IR Fellowship.
  • Please refrain from choosing the same sub-specialty for both 1st and 2nd choices (except if they are stated as two different programs. for example, MSK VGH and MSK SPH). If you are only interested in one sub-specialty, leave the second subspecialty field empty.

First name, Last name:


  • Your first and last name should exactly match your Passport. If you have a preferred name, it can be communicated later on in the process.
  • Please do NOT use the short form of your first or last name.
  • If your first or last name is different in your medical degrees, please mention it in the “Comments” section at the end of the application.


(no description required)

What is your permanent email address?

The application, selection and, paperwork process (if you are selected) is long; to assure that our office can reach you at any time, you are required to provide a permanent email address that will be available at all times, to avoid missed communication with this office.

Note that if you are selected, this email address will be used until after the start of your fellowship.

Preferred Phone Number:

Please follow the same instructions given for your email address.

Country of Residence:

The country that you are currently living in.

Country of Birth:

The country that you are born in.

Country of Citizenship: 

The country of your citizenship at the time of application.


  • To be considered a citizen (for any country) you have to possess that country’s passport.
  • If you have dual citizenship, please mention the citizenship that you will use for your Canadian Visa application, if selected for the fellowship.

Canadian Citizen or Canadian Permanent Resident?


  • You are a Canadian Citizen if you possess a Canadian Passport at the time of application.
  • You are a Canadian Permanent Resident if you possess a Canadian Permanent Residence (PR) Card at the time of application
  • If you do not have a Canadian passport or PR card at the time of application but you are in the process of obtaining them you are not considered a Canadian Citizen or PR but you can provide the information (including the expected date of obtaining your citizenship or PR) in the “Comments” section at the end of the application.


  • Canadian citizens and permanent residents will be given priority in the selection process.

Are you a sponsored applicant?

The Canadian government has contractual sponsorship arrangements with the following Persian Gulf State governments:

  • Saudi Arabia
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • United Arab Emirate

The applicants who are applying from these countries and are funded by their government are referred to as “Sponsored Fellows“.

If you are sponsored by another country (not listed above) fill the Self-funded section.


If you are a sponsored fellow:

  • In addition to submitting your online application,  you are expected to contact your appropriate sponsored specialty medical board or bureau to support your application
  • Some of the countries mentioned above will only sponsor applicants who are or will be certified radiologists in their home country before the start of their fellowship.
  • To assure timely completion of your paperwork process (if you are selected), we require that your specialty certificate is submitted at least 6 months before the start of your fellowship

If yes, who is your sponsoring agency?

you will see this field only if your answer to the previous question is “Yes”.

Please enter the full and accurate name of your sponsoring agency. This information will be used in your offer letter if you are selected.

Are you a self-funded applicant?

You will see this field only if your answer to the previous question is “No”.

The term “Self-funded” refers to the applicants whose fellowship will be funded by a third party (for example, hospital, educational institution, funding agency).


  • You will be asked to provide a “Guarantee of funding” letter if you are shortlisted for interview. You are expected to provide the UBC Fellowship Office with this letter before your interview.
  • All fees and expenses will be your or your sponsoring agent’s responsibility. Please refer to “Self-Funded Fees” for more information.
  • As of 2022 UBC is no more accepting Fellows who are not sponsored by a third party. This means applicants cannot fund themselves through personal funds and must provide us with a guarantee of funding from a legal organization, or institute.

If yes, who is your sponsoring agency?

You will see this field only if your answer to the previous question is “Yes”.

Enter the full and accurate name of your sponsoring agency. Mention “Personal Fund” if you will be using your personal funds.

Upload personal statement for the first Choice:

Upload personal statement for the second choice:


  • We suggest that you use a  personal statement that reflects your interest in the specific program of your choice.
  • We suggest that your personal statement is addressed to the appropriate Fellowship Director. You can find this information at the bottom of each subspecialty’s webpage.
  • Your personal statement must include your full name and contact information on top of the page. Please refrain from submitting this document with no personal information (name, email address, phone number) on it.
  • For Diagnostic Neuroradiology, please specify in your personal statement whether you are applying for the residency or fellowship program. Eligibility requirements for the residency program are listed on the program’s webpage. Please also indicate whether you are interested in the 1-year or 2-year program if applying for fellowship.
  • Please submit a maximum of one page for the personal statement.

Institution Name where the medical degree was obtained:

Full and accurate name of the institution.


The country where you have obtained your Medical Degree.

Upload Medical Degree here:

Upload copy of your Medical Degree.

Are you a certified specialist in Radiology in your home country at this present moment?

  • You are considered a certified specialist if you hold your specialty certificate at the time of application.
  • To be considered a specialist in the selection process you must submit your Radiology Certificate with this application (next field).

If Yes, Institution Name:

You will see this field if your answer to the previous question is “Yes”

Enter the name of the institution from which you have obtained your specialty certificate.

Upload Degree Here:

You will see this field if your answer to the previous question (are you a certified specialist?) is “Yes”.


  • You will not be considered a certified specialist if this document is not uploaded.


You will see this field if your answer to the previous question (are you a certified specialist?) is “Yes”.

Name of the country where you have received your specialty certificate.

If No, projected date of completion:

You will see this field if your answer to the previous question (are you a certified specialist?) is “No”.

Enter the projected date of completion of your specialty training.

Important Note: 

If you are or will be a certified radiologist in your home country before the start of your fellowship (if you are accepted to the program) you will be licensed as a “Clinical Fellow” otherwise you will be considered a “Postgraduate Trainee“. Refer to the FAQ section for more information.


  • UBC’s training plan for both Clinical Fellows and Postgraduate Trainees is the same and the only difference will be your licensure and some aspects of supervision.
  • To be licensed as a Clinical Fellow you will be required to provide the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia with the original specialty certificate.

Upload ELP Certificate here:

English Language Proficiency certificate is one of the requirements of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia (CPSBC) to issue licensure for your fellowship.

Visit CPSBC‘s website for more information on English Language requirements.


  • Although submitting your ELP certificate at the time of application is not mandatory, applicants who submit their English proficiency certificate with their application will be given priority if their application is successful.
  • Please visit CPSBC’s guidelines for information about the valid exams and required scores.
  • Please refrain from submitting any other certificates or letters. The College will only accepts the exams listed in the above link.
  • Please do NOT submit certificates that do not meet the passing requirement.
  • CPSBC accepts the ELP certificate within 2 years from the date of the certificate. This means your certificate should be valid at the time of application and until the start of your fellowship.
  • See the FAQ section for more important information regarding English proficiency requirements.

Name of Referee #1:

Your first referee has to be your current supervisor or Program Director.


  • Only the first and last name of your referee in this field.
  • Avoid using titles, eg. Dr., Professor, Mr., Mrs.
  • Avoid extra information in this field, like position or education.

Position/ Title:

Most of your referees hold many titles. Please only use one main title and avoid mentioning all their official titles.

Referee #1 Contact Information:

Enter your referee’s email address and phone number.


  • It is very important that you make sure the provided contact information is current and accurate.

Important notes- Letters of Reference (LORs):

  • Reference letters must be submitted directly to UBC Fellowship Office at by your referees, if you have a copy of the letters it will be helpful to upload them.
  • Reference letters MUST be submitted before the deadline of the application. Please ensure you follow up with your referees to submit the letters on time. We will be unable to include the reference letters after the deadline and your application will be considered incomplete.
  • It is preferable that the reference letters are attached to an email in PDF format.
  • It is essential that your referees use both your first and last name (full name matching your application) in the body or title of reference letters. Please ask your referees to avoid using shortened names or the nicknames in the letter.
  • Due to the high volume of applications and correspondence, your first and last name must be included in the email subject line. example: “Adam Smith- LOR”.
  • If you are applying for 2 subspecialties make sure to let your referees know that you have applied for 2 fellowships. We require that the LORs are addressed to the appropriate Fellowship Director.
  • Make sure that your referees submit the reference letters on their official letterhead with their name and contact information.
  • The digital copy of LORs are sufficient and we do not require original copies of reference letters. Please do not mail any original copies.
  • Your application will not be considered complete if we do not receive your 3 reference letters before the application deadline.

The instructions above apply to Referee#2 and #3



  • This section is only for necessary information. (for example your availability or if your name in your degrees is different, etc.)
  • Please refrain from including greetings, appreciation, quotes, compliments, etc in this section.
  • No requests in this section, for example: “please delete my previous application” or “please contact my referee”. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of applicants, we are unable to attend to these requests.
  • Avoid using this section for the information that can be provided in your CV or personal statement.


Please note that we will not contact applicants for missing documents. incomplete applications or replacement of corrupt files. It is the applicant’s responsibility to make sure that the documents are submitted by the application deadline and in the proper format (PDF).