The Department of Radiology supports an active research program involving technologists, residents, fellows, medical students and staff radiologists, involving extensive peer-reviewed grant support.Collaborative research occurs between UBC Radiology and departments within the Regional hospitals, and also nationally and internationally.


UBC Department Current Active Research listing


A11-0238 Preclinical evaluation of radiotracers for cancer imaging Benard, Francois Approved
A13-0320 7T Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy (MRI/MRS) – model and technique refinement Kozlowski, Piotr Approved
A11-0185 Radiolabelled antibodies for cancer imaging Benard, Francois Approved
A13-0200 Fluoroscopic Dose Reduction By Active Coning Machan, Lindsay S. Approved
A12-0044 Development of MRI techniques for animal models of Spinal Cord Injury Kozlowski, Piotr Approved



H15-01416 kVAssist ASIR-V Leipsic, Jonathon Approved
H14-01753 stophcc Liu, David Ming-Teh Approved
H15-00870 5 year UEDVT Review July 2015 (SALVIAN/LIU) Liu, David Ming-Teh Approved
H14-01189 CREDENCE Leipsic, Jonathon Approved
H10-00559 Exact dose Mayo, John R. Approved
H12-00730 MRI of the human knee Rauscher, Alexander Approved
H15-01822 DECT Gout Nicolaou, Savvas Approved
H15-01662 BPI Secondary analysis Coxson, Harvey O. Approved
H13-02166 PICT Nicolaou, Savvas Approved
H11-03019 SAFIRE abdomen Nicolaou, Savvas Approved
H09-02162 VICTEM Nicolaou, Savvas Approved
H15-00583 Open MRI Coxson, Harvey O. Approved
H15-01132 Technetium Benard, Francois Approved
H13-01201 Reference values for fetal pelvis Pugash, Denise Approved
H15-01494 liudave Liu, David Ming-Teh Approved
H14-00548 U/S Elastography 2014 Harris, Alison Approved
H13-01332 IMAGE-HF Study (PROJECT 1C) Leipsic, Jonathon Approved
H13-00977 IMAGE-HF (PROJECT 1B) Leipsic, Jonathon Approved
H12-01482 Pregnancy MRI Hague, Cameron J. Approved
H14-01083 New MRI for Neuroimaging Rauscher, Alexander Approved
H13-01526 Global Leipsic, Jonathon Approved
H11-00983 Ozone Disc Munk, Peter L. Approved
H11-00878 Cryoablation of bone mets Munk, Peter L. Approved
H09-01013 DOSE 2 Leipsic, Jonathon Approved
H12-02288 SAFIRE – C-spine Nicolaou, Savvas Approved
H15-00237 KMART O’Connell, Timothy W. Approved
H07-00743 PET/CT study Nadel, Helen Approved
H08-01642 MIRG software development Celler, Anna M. Approved
H12-00858 Y-90 Synovectomy- Thu Mar 22 14:20:11 PDT 2012 Cohen, Philip Approved
H14-00917 Mitral Annulus Leipsic, Jonathon Approved
H14-02333 CIRIUS-HCC 2014 Liu, David Ming-Teh Approved
H14-00830 MRI / Ultrasound Fusion with Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Guidance Machan, Lindsay S. Approved
H12-01510 CogMS Study MacKay, Alexander L. Approved
H11-00423 Investigation and Diagnosis of Concussion Rauscher, Alexander Approved
H14-00749 Appendicitis Study Nicolaou, Savvas Approved
H10-02695 123I-MIBG protocol Worsley, Daniel Approved
H10-01380 BVNI Nicolaou, Savvas Approved
H14-02045 Bronchial anatomy in children with right aortic arch and situs solitus Culham, Gordon J.A. Approved
H14-00421 Review and analysis of TAVR Devices Use Leipsic, Jonathon Approved
H14-03335 CT and CRC Bicknell, Simon G Approved
H14-02834 CT chest study Coxson, Harvey O. Approved
H14-00696 Emergency DECT Nicolaou, Savvas Approved
H10-02349 3T and Biliary Tree Harris, Alison Approved
H14-02767 2014 NSERC Discovery fMRI WM & Spine MacKay, Alexander L. Approved
H12-03006 MITNEC B5 Leipsic, Jonathon Approved
H14-03382 PAPA Study Nicolaou, Savvas Approved
H12-02460 Kare-kV Nicolaou, Savvas Approved
H13-02288 WBCT Nicolaou, Savvas Approved
H11-00359 X300 Portable Ultrasound Nicolaou, Savvas Approved
H14-02053 CO project Nicolaou, Savvas Approved
H09-00753 Neuro PBV Nicolaou, Savvas Approved
H13-02690 Cardiac T1 Mapping Leipsic, Jonathon Approved
H13-02738 Venting needle glue embolization Study Heran, Manraj Approved
H11-02122 PET/CT in Pediatric Lymphoma Nadel, Helen Approved
H11-02983 PEHP Study Add-on Lang, Donna Jane M Approved
H10-02919 PEHP Study Lang, Donna Jane M Approved
H09-02954 Fabella Hypertrophy Munk, Peter L. Approved
H08-02878 Vertebroplasty and Cementoplasty Munk, Peter L. Approved
H12-03704 TACE Study-Liver Embolization Perfusion Liu, David Ming-Teh Approved
H12-02793 VICTORY Leipsic, Jonathon Approved
H13-01564 APPENDICITIS at SPH Hague, Cameron J. Approved
H13-02441 Pancreatic Cysts – Natural History Hague, Cameron J. Approved
H11-02975 SAFIRE heads Nicolaou, Savvas Approved
H12-02050 Radiation Risks Chang, Silvia Approved
H09-01938 TEVA Mega Study MacKay, Alexander L. Approved
H14-01902 Simulation Leipsic, Jonathon Approved
H12-01205 Fetal postmortem imaging Pugash, Denise Approved


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