Fellowship Programs

Please visit “Fellowship Vacancies” page for vacancies and off-cycle openings: https://radiology.med.ubc.ca/education/fellowship-programs/urgent-openings/

The Radiology Fellowship programs at the University of British Columbia provide advanced post-graduate training to qualified candidates (see Eligibility section) in a sub-specialist setting. Fellows should expect excellent clinical exposure with a good case volume and a supervised learning experience. Fellows are encouraged to participate in basic science and clinical research projects. Protected academic time is provided and the teaching of research methodology, epidemiology, statistics, and study design is offered.

The Department of Radiology, University of British Columbia has a long history of excellence in RCPSC (Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada)-accredited residency training which enriches the scholarly milieu.

As per CPSBC (College of Physicians and Surgeon’s of British Columbia) policy and guidelines Clinical Fellows can apply for a one or two-year fellowship in the same or different sub-specialty with Fellowship Director’s approval. Clinical Fellows can also apply for a third year of Fellowship under extenuating circumstances. The acceptance to the third year fellowship is contingent to CPSBC’s approval.

Fellowship sites:

UBC, Department of Radiology, offers Fellowships at the Vancouver General Hospital, UBC Hospital, St. Paul’s Hospital, BC Children’s Hospital, BC Cancer Agency, and BC Women’s Hospital.


Fellowship candidates must have

  • a Medical Degree and Specialty Diploma in Radiology OR
  • will be completing an Accredited Residency Program in Diagnostic Radiology in their home country to be eligible for licensure by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia

All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply, however, Canadian and permanent residents of Canada will be given priority.

Important additional information:

Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination (MCCEE) is not required.


We strongly suggest all applicants fill the online application using the “Step by Step Application Guideline“. This guideline will help you to submit accurate information and documents to avoid rejection of your application.

Important Note: Applicants are expected to apply for a maximum of 2 subspecialties for each academic year (except for IR, please refer to IR page for more information). Submitting more than one application (maximum of 2 subspecialties) will result in the deletion of all your applications.

All the required information about the UBC Radiology Fellowship Programs, each subspecialty’s specific requirements, the application process, and the announcements are posted on these pages:

  • UBC Fellowship Programs homepage (this page)
  • Subspecialty’s webpage
  • FAQ section
  • Step by Step Application Guidelines
  • Links and websites that are introduced on our website

In the “FAQ” (Frequently Asked Questions) you can find the answers to most of your questions. This section is updated frequently to answer the questions we receive from the applicants all over the world.

If your question is not answered in one of the mentioned pages, please email us at ubcrad.fellowship@ubc.ca and check the FAQ section again in a few days, we will post the information on this section.


The incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Please make sure to have all your documents ready before you start the application. UBC Radiology Fellowship Office will not add or delete any documents to/from your application. The list of required documents for the application is provided to you on this page.


Application Timeline:

Application openings typically start sixteen to seventeen months prior to the Fellowship start date. Please refer to each subspecialty web page for The Program application opening.

No applications will be accepted incomplete or after the deadline.

Letters of Reference:

Applicants are required to provide 3 Referees’ contact details at application. Please make sure to refer to FAQ section for more details about Letters of References.

NOTE: The email addresses are different for each Fellowship Program and are listed with the Fellowship Program Director’s name on each subspecialty Fellowship web page. Applications are not reviewed without all three reference letters at the time of the deadline. All Letters of References for shortlisted candidates will be verified directly with the Referees.


Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interviews. Currently the interviews are conducted via Zoom within 6-8 weeks of the Fellowship’s application deadline. For on-site interview, whether it is requested by applicant or is the program’s requirement, all travel costs are the candidate’s responsibility.


Due to the high volume of applications UBC, Department of Radiology Fellowship Office is unable to answer questions regarding the status of your application.  To understand the status of your application, please refer to the website for messages:  “Shortlisted candidates have been contacted.”

English Language Requirement:

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia (“College”) approves educational licenses for UBC Radiology Fellowships and states:

Any candidate for licensure in British Columbia must have the ability to speak, read and write English to the satisfaction of the Registration Committee. For English language requirements Please visit https://www.cpsbc.ca/files/pdf/RP-English-Language-Proficiency-Requirements.pdf

Note: Candidates who attended medical school in Quebec where the language of instruction or the primary language of patient care was not English, must meet the current English language proficiency requirements.

Sponsored Applicants (Persian Gulf State)

The University of British Columbia has contractual sponsorship arrangements with the following Persian Gulf State Governments:

Saudi Arabia- Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and UAE.

The fellows who are sponsored by the governments of these countries are considered Sponsored fellows. If you are from these countries please contact your appropriate sponsored specialty medical board or bureau for UBC Radiology Fellowship application process.

Self-Funded Applicants:

Self-Funded applicants are the applicants who are funded by an agency or institution (i.e. hospital, university, etc…).

If you are applying for a self-funded position the UBC Radiology Fellowship Office must receive your Guarantee of Funding Letter with your application.


Online Fellowship Application Form:






Please refer to FAQ section for more details and important tips regarding each topic.


Fellowship Programs:

The University of British Columbia, Department of Radiology, offers fellowship positions at 6 Hospital / Clinic sites noted below with each Fellowship Program.  All  applicants may apply for a maximum of two Fellowship positions from the choices below (with the exception of Interventional Radiology and Pediatric Radiology):