Musculoskeletal Imaging and Intervention

Site(s): Vancouver General Hospital (VGH), UBC Hospital (UBCH), and BC Women’s Hospital (BCWH)


Our Musculoskeletal Imaging and Intervention Fellowship is a busy program currently accepting nine fellows per year. Fellows are an integral part of the musculoskeletal services at VGH, UBCH, and BCWH, which perform a wide variety of examinations, including radiography, Ultrasound, Dual Energy CT, 1.5 and 3 tesla MRI, Accelerated AI Assisted MRI protocols, bone mineral density, and a full complement of MSK interventional procedures.

Oncology and Interventional procedures:

Main Track: Basic interventional procedure training for all MSK fellows includes imaging-guided soft tissue and bone biopsy, image-guided pain management, joint aspiration, and injection including arthrography, spinal injection, and Radiofrequency Neuromodulation.

Advanced Procedure Tract: For fellows with a particular interest in MSK intervention as a career path, additional training in advanced procedures, including cryoablation, vertebroplasty, and cementoplasty is available. Candidates interested in advanced procedures should indicate their interest at the time of application and are expected to have already achieved an appropriate standard of basic procedural skills. For these trainees, our aim is to ensure independent advanced MSK IR practice capability by the end of the year. Due to training requirements and complexity, we can train a maximum of 3-4 fellows per year in this part of the program.

As the Vancouver General Hospital is the primary site for the management of musculoskeletal oncology, we have a strong relationship with the sarcoma program at the British Columbia Cancer Agency and participate in the program each week. Most patients are biopsied at the Vancouver General Hospital, and most staging imaging is also done at VGH. Also, a close working relationship exists with the division of palliative care at the BC Cancer Agency with a program for image-guided palliative care procedures performed at VGH.

Sports Imaging and Orthopedics:

The musculoskeletal radiology service has a close relationship with orthopedics, and fellows are encouraged to attend orthopedics grand rounds. An extensive reconstructive joint program is based at Vancouver General Hospital and UBC Hospital, providing an opportunity for the evaluation of prostheses as well as aspiration and injection of joints. Vancouver General Hospital is a Level 1 Trauma Centre with a large volume of orthopedic trauma and sports injury-related imaging. The MSK division also has a close relationship with Sports Medicine at UBCH, with significant volumes of sport-related injury MR imaging, DECT, and US. MSK Fellows lead our Sport Medicine rounds at the Allen McGavin Center and are exposed to Professional Athlete imaging through our practice.

Rheumatology and Metabolic Bone Disease:

A strong relationship also exists between Musculoskeletal Radiology and Rheumatology. Our practice has a sizeable rheumatological case volume with exposure to all imaging modalities, including DECT, for patients with Gout. Imaging all rheumatological disorders, including peripheral inflammatory arthritides and spondyloarthropathies, as well as MR imaging of degenerative disc disease of the spine, is standard. We interpret a large volume of spine imaging across all our sites. We also are involved in imaging metabolic bone disorders such as Gaucher’s disease. MSK Fellows are an integral part of the rheumatology rounds with the clinical team.

Research and Teaching

MSK Fellows are expected to lead a Capstone Research Project in view of publication. Fellows are encouraged to write reviews and case reports and are expected to participate in the MSK Journal Club. Some of the strongest areas of research and development at VGH and UBCH are in Sports Imaging, MSK intervention, and MSK applications of Dual Energy CT. CT-Like MRI sequences, MSK applications of AI such as accelerated MRI protocols and 3D Printing are also of interest. Fellows are encouraged to present at UBC Research Day and national and international meetings such as CAR, ISS, RSNA, and ARRS. Fellows are also expected to contribute to teaching the rotating residents and medical students as well as delivering one lecture at the MSK Lecture Series (Vancouver Bone Squad) in the 2nd half of their fellowship. Our Zoom MSK Lecture Series is viewed by hundreds of subscribers around the world from 76 countries.

Clinical and Teaching Rounds

Allen McGavin Center Sports Medicine-Radiology Rounds (Fellow led)

MSK Lecture Series (Vancouver Bone Squad: Local Staff, Alumni, and International Speakers)

MSTCF: Multidisciplinary Sarcoma Rounds (Fellow led)

MSTCF (R): Orthopedics Oncology-Radiology Rounds (Fellow led)

MIPPC: Palliative Rounds for Cryoablation and Cementoplasty (Fellow-led)

MSK Radiology Journal Club (Fellow led)

MSK Peer Learning Rounds including two Audits (Fellow led)

Rheumatology-Radiology Rounds (Fellow-led)

MSK Radiology Interesting Cases Rounds (Fellow led)

Vancouver Hip Institute Arthroscopy-Radiology Correlation Rounds (Fellow-led)

Radiology Grand Rounds

Orthopedics Grand Rounds


MSK Fellow Call

MSK fellows call includes afterhours coverage for joint aspirations, MSK MRI protocol and MSK US questions. MSK fellows participate in the weekend emergency daytime shift pool and also in sporadic weekend pain injection clinics including spine injections.


MSK Radiology Staff

Dr. Gordon Andrews: Vancouver Imaging Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Bruce Forster: MSK Radiologist (ISS Member)

Dr. Luck Louis: Director of MSK Ultrasound

Dr. Paul Mallinson: Director of MSK Education (ISS Member)

Dr. Peter Munk: MSK Intervention Pioneer (ISS Member)

Dr. Nicolas Murray: Director of MSK CT/DECT

Dr. Savvas Nicolaou: Vancouver Imaging Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Hugue Ouellette: Head of MSK Division (ISS Member)

Dr. Adnan Sheikh: Director of MSK MRI and Research (ISS Member)


Vancouver Bone Squad (Alumni Association)  

Our graduating MSK fellows are welcome to become full members of Vancouver Bone Squad, our Alumni Association. Advantages of membership include networking with other members worldwide and access to our weekly CME accredited MSK lecture series through Zoom. Members are also invited to our social events at major meetings such as at the ISS. (


MSK Fellowship Video


Social Media:

@BoneVancouver (Twitter, Instagram and YouTube)


MSK Team Recent Research Output


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  1. 2021 Integrating AI and IGT for Spinal Pain Managements. Cooper P, Liu D, Sheikh MA, Alexander INOVAIT grant. $125 000.
  2. 2021- 2025 The SPIN Study (The Canadian SPace hemolysIs and aNemia Study). Trudel G, Campbell M, Laneuville O, Sebastiani P, Stintzi A, Shiekh, M A. $ 200 000. Project sponsored by Canadian Space Agency.



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