Terms of Reference

UBC Department of Radiology Professionalism and Wellness – Terms of Reference

Vision statement:  To promote a safe and respectful work environment to enhance and optimize the experience of all department members so they feel valued and safe and are empowered to deliver world class patient care, research and education.


  1. Culture of Professionalism
  • Engage all department members to create a culture that celebrates Professionalism
  • Promote effective conflict resolution
  • Improve communication with leadership (department, faculty, university, health authority) and all department members so everyone feels empowered and heard
  1. Foster Wellness
  • Promote engagement, unity, and build stronger relationships among sites and and sections within Radiology and with other Departments
  • Support and enhance the experience of all department members
  • Survey to assess burnout of department members
  • Survey to assess psychological health of department members
  • Suggestion box to identify wellness issues from different standpoints (physician, academic faculty, staff, etc)
  • Provide resources including workshops (eg: time management, work-life integration)
  • Facility engagement to fund initiatives in areas of wellness for our group
  • Develop a wellness team lead by physicians, for peer support and mentorship
  • Buddy system for junior staff and faculty, mentorship for trainees (residents, graduate students, clinical fellows, post-doctoral fellows).
  1. Promote and Support Workplace Psychological Safety
  • Solidify inter and intra-department bonds
  • Increase psychological safety in our workplace
  • Work to enhance organizational clarity