Past and Upcoming Projects

Pacific Symposium, Fiji 2023 – Drs. Tanya Martin and Pete Tonseth from UBC

We are excited to announce that the Pacific Symposium 2023, a joint venture between Radiology Across Borders (RAB) and UBC RGOP, held at Lautoka Hospital in Fiji, was a resounding success. Over 25 medical experts from Fiji and other Pacific Island Nations participated in the two-day event, which included lectures and ultrasound workshops.

The symposium was led by Drs. Tanya Martin and Pete Tonseth from UBC, as well as Dr. Greg Briggs, Dr. Nick Trost, and sonographer Jackie Spurway from Australia. The symposium provided a comprehensive overview of radiology in an interactive format.

During breaks, the team got to enjoy the sunny weather averaging at 36°C, delicious local cuisine, and the extraordinarily friendly Fijians. The Fijian greeting ‘Bula’ quickly became a part of our everyday vocabulary.

The symposium provided an exceptional opportunity for local radiologists, trainees, and other professionals to come together and share knowledge, best practices, and learn from each other. We extend our gratitude to all those who attended and contributed to the success of the event.

We are excited to continue working with RAB and collaborating on future opportunities to advance radiology in the Pacific region.

Best regards,
Pete and Tanya
Co-directors, UBC RGOP

RAB/UBC  Vietnam site visit – Hanoi September 2019 – Drs. Siu and Tonseth

RAB/UBC  Cambodia site visit – Dr. Forster