Professionalism and Wellness

UBC Department of Radiology Professionalism and Wellness – Terms of Reference

Vision statement:  To promote a safe and respectful work environment to enhance and optimize the radiologists/fellows/residents experience so they can provide high quality patient centred care.


1. Culture of Professionalism

  • Engage physicians to create a culture that celebrates Professionalism
  • Promote effective conflict resolution
  • Improve communication with leadership (department, HA) and all physicians so physicians feel empowered and heard

2. Fosters Physician Wellness

  • Promote engagement, unity, and build stronger relationships among sites and sections within Radiology and with other Departments
  • Support and enhance the physician radiologist/fellow/resident experience
  • Survey to assess physician burnout
  • Survey to assess physician psychological health
  • Suggestion box to identify wellness issues from physician standpoint
  • Provide resources including workshops (eg: time management, work-life integration)
  • Facility engagement to fund initiatives in areas of wellness for our group
  • Develop a wellness team lead by physicians, for peer support and mentorship
  • Buddy system for junior staff, mentorship for residents and fellows.

3. Promote and Support Workplace Psychological Safety

  • Solidify inter and intra-department bonds
  • Increase psychological safety in our workplace
  • Work to enhance organizational clarity