Radiation Dose Optimization

Drs. Aldrich and Mayo are investigating the relationship between patient radiation exposure and resultant image quality and the diagnostic value of the images in all body systems. In the chest, they are collaborating with Dr Coxson and the Thoracic Imaging Group to determine the optimal dose for chest CT that provides both diagnostic images and accurate quantitative data. A state-of-the art review of CT radiation dose was published by Drs John Mayo, John Aldrich, and Nestor Müller on behalf of the Fleischner Society in Radiology (Radiology 2003;228:15-21). Our group was the first to propose Reference Doses for CT in Canada ( ), and we are developing a patient dose monitoring system which will enetuaollycover all modalities.

As installed imaging equipment and techniques are constantly changing, there are always challenging questions to be answered in all body systems.

Recent Publications:

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