Interventional Radiology Program

Drs Machan and Martin head an Interventional Radiology Program in association with multiple clinical departments. With Vascular Surgery, the first in human procedures of vascular drug eluting stents and biologically active implantable venous valve insertions were performed at UBC Hospital. The Department is enrolled in soon to start multicentre international studies of both devices.

With vascular and cardiovascular surgeries at the Vancouver General Hospital, this group has focused on the development and outcome analysis of vascular stents in the thoracic and abdominal aorta and is the only Canadian site enrolled in a multicentre trial of thoracic stent grafts. Jointly with the Department of Gynecology (Principle Investigator L. Machan), the largest prospective study of uterine fibroid embolization in Canada is into its third of five years and is fully enrolled. An active basic science research program is largely directed toward the investigation of local pharmacotherapy in minimally invasive therapy. Public and private research funding sources, including a large component from an industrial collaborator have been obtained to support this Program.