Cardiac Imaging Research Consortium

The cardiac imaging research consortium is a multicenter multidisciplinary collaboration that has seen exponential growth in productivity in the last 4 years. This research collaboration has been led by Jonathon Leipsic and John Mayo within the department of radiology also, a number of collaborators in the division of cardiology and radiology faculty including, Cameron Hague, Jennifer Ellis and Savvas Nicolaou. Research interests include but are not limited to dose reduction in cardiac CT, diagnostic accuracy of coronary CT angiography, stress myocardial perfusion CT, MDCT for transcatheter valve replacement, Non-invasive FFR prediction with CT.

The consortium has been responsible for over 50 manuscripts and 100 abstracts in the last 3 years in various journals including Radiology, Journal of American College of Cardiology, Circulation, JACC Imaging, and the American Journal of Roentgenology. The group has also been actively involved in the pursuit of grant funding. There are current research grants from GE healthcare and Edwards Lifesciences.  St Paul’s Hospital (Dr Leipsic) acts as the core laboratory for a Pan Canadian Trial evaluating annulus sizing with CT for transcatheter valve replacement. It is also responsible for one half of the coronary CT angiographic analysis for the multicenter international NIH funded ISCHEMIA trial.The group has also been successful in procuring CIHR funding to evaluate and develop a low dose dual energy CT technique for myocardial perfusion.

The cardiac imaging program is supported by state-of the art equipment including premium CT scanners from the 3 major CT vendors (GE, Siemens, and Toshiba). Other equipment available includes advanced MRI capabilities allowing for robust myocardial tissue characterization imaging, imaging of adult congenital heart disease, and adenosine perfusion MRI.