50 Year Anniversary Landing Page


This year, the Department of Radiology celebrates its 50th anniversary. From early beginnings as a small group of radiologists led by Dr. Scott Dunbar to today’s diverse team of researchers, residents, fellows, students and staff under the direction of Dr. Bruce Forster, we continue to make innovative breakthroughs in research, patient care and the training of the next generation of radiologists. We thank you for your past contributions in forging these new pathways.

As we look to the future during this legacy year, we are excited at the crucial role that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has to play. With the promise of more accurate and reproducible radiology assessments, enhanced diagnostic predictions through complex data pattern recognition and improved treatment planning, AI is playing an increasingly important part in shaping the future of radiology and accelerating the bench-to-bedside process in improving health outcomes.

Please click here to review Radiology’s 50th Case for Support that provides information about this year’s theme of AI and how it’s shaping the future of patient care.

Celebrating 50 Years in Pictures

UBC Department of Radiology Medal of Excellence

We’re proud to announce the launch of the UBC Department of Radiology Medal of Excellence, created in 2021 to mark the celebration of the Department’s 50th Anniversary. The Medal recognizes individuals who have brought high honour to the Department through one or all of their clinical practice, teaching, research, scholarly activity or community involvement. Please click here for the details.

Special 50th Anniversary Grand Rounds

The Department of Radiology is proud to honour this milestone year through its 50th Anniversary Lecture Series milestone year through its 50th Anniversary Lecture Series and we are pleased to present a selection of recordings:

Breast Cancer Screening: Where We Are and Where We’re Going

Presented by Dr. Paula Gordon, Opening remarks by Dr. Linda Warren

Radiopharmaceutical development for cancer imaging and therapy

Presented by Dr. François Bénard, Opening remarks by Dr. Brian Lentle

Chronicles of Emergency and Trauma Radiology: Full Steam Ahead and Directions Towards a Bright Future

Presented by Dr. Savvas Nicolaou, Opening remarks by Dr. Nestor Muller

Abdominal Imaging: Past, Present and Future

Presented by Dr. Silvia Chang, Opening remarks by Dr. Peter Cooperberg

Coronary CTA in 2022 – Predictions for the Future

Presented by Dr. Jonathon Leipsic, Opening remarks by Dr. Gordon Culham

The MSketeers: The story of Multiple Sclerosis and MRI at UBC

Presented by Drs. Roger Tam, David Li, Anthony Traboulsee, Alex Mackay

Beyond Bone Age: Harnessing AI to Advance Quality and Safety In Pediatric Imaging

Presented by Dr. Heather Bray, Opening remarks by Dr. Don Newman

Interventional Radiology Head to Toe: UBC’s legacy, current practice and brilliant future (Pending)

Presented by Dr. Lindsay Machan and Dr. Manraj (Raju) Heran


50th Anniversary Gala Event – Summer 2022

To conclude this campaign, the Department of Radiology is hosting a Gala celebration to honour the Radiology community and build from the momentum of this 50th year. This is an exciting time to reflect on the contributions of fellow peers and look to the future of Radiology. More details to come.